Version 3.2v285

– Fixed attendee issue with iCloud (MAILTO changed to mailto)
– Fixed issue with ftps
– Added support for sftp

Version 3.2v283

– Fixed scrolling issue in timezone selection dialog
– Improved timezone list generation for dialog
– Updated timezone definitions to olson 2024a

Version 3.2v282

– Showing event information in timezone selection dialog
– Continue synchronization, even when calendar details cannot be retrieved
– Not defined timezones in iCalendar file will be correctly handled and not ignored
– Fixed event archiving for connected events

Version 3.2v280

– Waiting at least 3 minutes after boot to start planned operations
– Too early triggering of planned operations, scheduled only once a day, fixed
– WLANs can be added manually for network filtering

Version 3.2v279

– Fixes CalDAV issue from previous update
– CalDAV sync time range can be set
– Deleting settings backup file when process is canceled
– Small UI adjustments and optimizations
– Migration from free version removed

Version 3.2v271

– Improved handling of invalid Date parameters
– Waiting at least 60 seconds after boot to start planned operations

Version 3.2v270

– Added beta support for
– Added to providers list
– Fixed build system to work with Gradle 8.x

Version 3.2v269

– Timezone definition updated
– Fixed invalid to frequent execution check for planned operations

Version 3.2v268

– Fixed issue for invalid day checking in synchronization
– Added check to prevent too frequent executions of planned operations

Version 3.2v266

– Improved scheduling of planned operations, they should not be triggered too often or outside their time interval now
– Fixed invalid button formatting in synchronization resolution view

Version 3.2v265

– Running of planned operations outside their time schedule fixed

Version 3.2v264

– Don’t run background imports/exports/transfers in parallel

Version 3.2v263

– Direct import using import settings, like skip timezone definition
– Fixed work enqueuing issue which triggered multiple schedule instances to run in parallel

Version 3.2v262

– Fixed memory leak on export, timezones were created multiple times
– Fixed issue when overwriting existing files when Document Provider is used

Version 3.2v260

– File-Rolling completely rewritten
– Synchronisations with error won’t trigger infinite synchronisation loop anymore

Version 3.2v258

– Fixed archive feature not working properly with recurrence rules
– Added logging to file rolling
– Improved error information when Export folder for type Document Provider is not available anymore

Version 3.2v256

– Fixed notification issue
– Fixed invalid ViewPager import

Version 3.2v255

– Timezone update
– Fixed planned background operations for Android versions >= S
– Fixed possible endless loading on startup when media permission is not granted
– Minor bugfixes

Version 3.2v253

– Text in import/export overview selectable again

Version 3.2v252

– Fixed crash in synchronization report.
– Failed exported events are clickable again in overview.

Version 3.2v251

– Fixed som Android 31 related issues

Version 3.2v250

– Using single get requests when multiget fails in CalDAV
– Added possibility to delete broken events in export overview

Version 3.2v248

– Added possibility to overwrite existing widgets.

Version 3.2v246

– Added CalDAV group calendars.
– When CalDAV multistatus triggers 400 bad request (server not capable of sending large amount of data), single get is used as fallback.
– Showing correct error message and information when permission to document provider file is revoked.

Version 3.2v245

– Possibility to send logs when stuck in startup screen.

Version 3.2v243

– Fixed initialization of planned operations

Version 3.2v242

– Not exporting empty organizers! (Fixes issue with Thunderbird 91.x)
– Using ContentProvider PROVIDER_CHANGED instead of JobScheduler to listen on calendar changes
– Changed permission behavior in android R, please use Document Provider instead of Internal/External storage
– Synchronization on event change will not start if the configured interval does not apply
– When using the “Tag” Feature, older events can be ignored
– HTTP Authentication header processing more relaxed

Version 3.2v240

– Adding wildcard accept header to HTTP requests

Version 3.2v239

– Import of only all day events possible.
– Proper NotificationChannels used for different background operations.
– Progress notification of background operations will disappear even if Success Notification is disabled.

Version 3.2v238

– Internal/External storage available again (e.g. for file search)

Version 3.2v237

– User agent for network connections can be defined in settings

Version 3.2v236

– Added used permissions to privacy statement
– Fixed location permission handling for WLAN detection

Version 3.2v234

– Fixed settings backup and restore

Version 3.2v233

– Enabling cookies (non persistent) for HTTP connections

Version 3.2v232

– Logging for HTTP Headers and Bodies in settings available
– Logging for CalendarProvider operations in settings available

Version 3.2v231

– Improved parsing of Basic authentication header

Version 3.2v230

– Removing organizer handling for iCloud, events should be editable again, sorry!

Version 3.2v229

– Saving \”Start all\” selection
– Don\’t import organizers other than email in CalDAV
– Corrected mailto: to MAILTO:
– Added option to treat organizers not as email adresses for CalDAV

Version 3.2v226

– Some UI Bugs fixed
– Organizer handled correctly (Email address)

Version 3.2v224

– Updated timezone definitions
– Recognition of events for updating improved (duplicates in Google calendar)
– Prevent unnecessary updates on syntactic changes of duration, timezone and recurrence rules

Version 3.2v223

– Fixed bug in url validation
– Providing apk for each architecture (playstore only)

Version 3.2v221

– Supporting local hostname identifiers
– Preventing repeated updates when importing into google calendar

Version 3.2v220

– Fixed some useless log output
– Removing spaces at the beginning or ending of the username when connecting with caldav
– Fixed a bug regarding iCloud login

Version 3.2v219

– Fixed broken support for devices below Android 5.0

Version 3.2v218

– Update of Conscrypt security provider to 2.1.0
– Basic authentication will be reused if had previous success with same user and host
– Fixed event selection bug
– Not connectable caldav synchronizations can be modified
– Retrying on iCloud returning bad response

Version 3.2v217

– Added missing info to file-rolling
– Added option to skip all day events when importing
– CalDAV multi event retrieval falls back to single event retrieval on error
– Improved migration process

Version 3.2v215

– Fixed reminder problem for allday events

Version 3.2v214

– New domain for license/update server

Version 3.2v212

– Fixed crash for devices running Android M or older

Version 3.2v211

– Possible fix for crash in CalDAV overview
– Auto sync on new events triggering after 5 minutes to prevent to frequent sync
– Calendar locking hopefully fixed for Android 6.0

Version 3.2v210

– Fixed crash in planned operation overview when text with spaces is used

Version 3.2v209

– Fixed WebDAV file rolling
– Fixed 0-byte WebDAV export bug
– More verbose output when event fails to export

Version 3.2v208

– Completely rewritten calendar locking mechanism to prevent app internal concurrent calendar modification
– CalDAV now automatically starting synchronization if an event is modified

Version 3.2v206

– FTP bugfix

Version 3.2v205

– Small error handling bugfix in CalDAV
– Using most recent conscrypt security provider instead of default one, which fixes many certificate issues and adds support for TLSv1.3

Version 3.2v204

– When synchronisation is started with a regular iCalendar file, user will be redirect to import or planned import
– Fixed newly introduced CLEARTEXT bug with non TLS connections
– Fixed issues regarding legacy SSLv3/TLS connections
– Keystore and logfiles no longer stored in cache, instead in private app directory
Should fix bug where certificate has to be accepted again and again

Version 3.2v200

– Fixed timeouts in Ftp connections
– More detailed error logging can be activated in settings
– Fixed problem when CalDAV Server denies query of shared calendars
– Default status of events is not \”tentative\” anymore

Version 3.2v198

– Fixed manual triggering of synchronization
– Removed some useless logoutput

Version 3.2v197

– Option to disable battery optimization for app in settings added
– CalDAV error resolution improved
– Fixed crash in navigation transition
– Fixed crash when WLAN picker is selected in Android O
– Many bugfixes in starting of planned operations and synchronization

Version 3.2v195

– Coarse location permission updated to Android M, as it is only needed for Android O and is exclusively used for WLAN restriction
– Fixed bug where success notification was shown even when turned off in planned operations
– Don\’t show error message on transfer of empty calendar
– Transfer of empty calendars won\’t show exception

Version 3.2v195

As this was a rather large update, bugs may occur. If you find any please don\’t hesitate and send an error report, thanks for your patience!
– Update for Android O
– Permission for location is needed, if you are using restriction for a specific WLAN (Android O restriction)
– Small CalDAV bugfixes
– Small bugfixes and adjustments

Version 3.2v192

– Fixed some issues of wrong certificate chain handling
– More error resolution options for CalDAV

Version 3.2v191

– Some fixes for Synology CalDAV (WebDAV App)
– Fixing crash when calendar source or destination is null in planned operations

Version 3.2v190

– Synology WebDAV CalDAV calendars back
– Wlan restricting to name only possible
– Roaming restriction (experimental)
– Shared calendars in CalDAV
– Start all button on dashboard
– Option to skip timezone parsing

Version 3.2v188

– Fixed invalid event deletion after bad internet connection in CalDAV synchronization
– CalDAV calendars can be synced read only on demand
– Possible fix for unauthorized error due to no ASCII characters in passwords

Version 3.2v187

– Minor bugfixes

Version 3.2v186

– Fixing events with wrong timezone directly from CalDAV error screen
– Notifying when user tries to import into read only calendar

Version 3.2v185

– Favorites in calendarlist
– Fixed bug in migration of CalDAV accounts

Version 3.2v184

– Using of CalDAV calendars without proper names set possible

Version 3.2v183

– Minor bugfixes
– Availability of events can be overwritten when importing

Version 3.2v182

– Fixed archive feature
– Interval setting for CalDAV possible
– Calendars without write access in CalDAV will be marked as read only
– Timezones updated

Version 3.2v180

– Option to select timezone when importing events with no timezone attached
– Removed some useless log output
– Delete events from source calendar after transfer
– Minor bugfixes

Version 3.1v176

– Fixing app crash
– Fixing crash when cancelling settings export
– More widget improvements (directly show status from widget)

Version 3.1v175

– Widget improved
– CalDAV and planned operations can be named
– Fixed UID write back when exporting on devices with Jelly Bean or older
– Support for email and multiple manual reminders
– FTPs support (FTP over TLS)
– Fixed issue with spaces in filenames
– Fixed unclickable archive button older devices
– Minor Design changes
– Minor Design changes

Version 3.1v172

– Fixed bug in URL redirecting
– Fixed bug in interval selection
– Small UI updates
– Fixed bug in processing of file paths with “#”

Version 3.1v171

– Fixed bug in event preselection for older android versions
– Calendarlocking fails after 30 minutes if calendar cannot be locked
– Fixed removal of invalid \”Tag\” holder calendars
– Fixed crash in CalDAV error repair screen
– Small bugfixes

Version 3.1v169

– Fixed crash when trying to import non iCalendar file
– Timezone dialog improved
– Timezone error message improved
– Small UI improvements

Version 3.1v168

– Bugfixes in \”Tag\” handling
Tag holder calendar can be deleted in settings screen
– Import option to connect events with same UID instead of updating
– Improved backup and restoring of planned operations (calendar metadata will be saved)
– Automatic datamigration from free to pro version
– Google CalDAV support experimental
– Fixed bug in archiving
– Fixed bug in timezone saving
– Navigation improved
– Unclickable buttons in transfer should be clickable now
– Some crashes fixed
– CalDAV should handle calendars with invalid spaces correctly now

Version 3.1v166

– Parser is even more relaxed
– Discard organizer option
– Tag support for foreign calendars fixed
– Store generated UID in calendar option
– Fixed bug in CalDAV with comma separated calendar names fixed
– Option to don\’t remember CTag in CalDAV
– Beautiful design update
– Added option to keep duration of zero seconds
– Bugfix in planned operations network code
– Better support for reminders
– CalDAV optimizations
– Various small bugfixes
– Fixed crash in eventviewing
– Some ui improvements in import/export

Version 3.1v160

– Settings export/import improved
– Fixed bug in event preselection
– Fixed reading of compressed files
– Added missing permission for vibrate
– Fixed bug in planned transfer
– Workarround for planned operations which stop after a certain time (settings)
– Errormessages improved
– Support for deprecated certificates

Version 3.1v159 Beta

– Errormessages improved
– Support for deprecated certificates

Version 3.1v158

– CalDAV problems fixed:
* XML parsing improved
– Networkimprovements:
* Processing of invalid authenticationheaders
* Processing of invalid server responses with statuscode 204, 205 and Content-Length
* Global networktimeouts can be set in settings
– Untrusted certificates can be accepted through notification
– Calendardialog improved
– Appcrash fixed on some devices

Version 3.1v157

– Fixed some network bugs
– Wrong handling of event exceptions in recurring events in CalDAV fixed

Version 3.1v156

– Appcrash fixed on 1-click import

Version 3.1v155

– Design update, I hope you like it (I like it very much!)
– Results from CalDAV and planned operations can be saved
– Planned Transfer
– Eventselection before import
– Show changed values when event gets updated
– Store results of CalDAV and planned operations on demand
– Fixed bug in network code
– Pull to refresh for planned operations and CalDAV
– Updated URLs for and GMX
– Check if event got inserted can be deactivated in settings
– Unfortunately no support anymore for Froyo and older systems

Version 3.1v152

– Fixed ANR bug on devices with lower OS version then Lollipop
– “File not found” can be ignored in planned import

Version 3.1v151

– Ftp and WebDAV fixes
– Email available as planned operation
– New dialog style
– File rolling
– Improved processing of invalid calendar files
– Fixed calendar switch bug in planned operations
– Update check can be disabled in settings
– Manually started operations continue in background when closing or putting app to background

Version 3.0v150

– Fixed Android 2.x startup problems (sorry)
– Fixed bug in calendar choosing
– Bug in calendar search fixed
– Layout update
– Fixed issue in WebDAV
– Document Provider file and folder available in export
– Fixed issues in network choosing
– Fixed bug in planned/import export (wrong network checking)
– Fixed wrong grouping in calendarlist
– Optional compression for exported calendars
– Optional conversion of UTC to local timezone

Version 3.0v148

– Full SD Card support also Android 5.0 and above
– Startup bug for Android 2.x fixed
– Schedules can be used without interval
– Fixed bug in choosing WLAN
– Fixed bug in CalDAV for very large calendars
– Fixed bug in URL recognition

Version 3.0v147

– 14 days testing in free version renewed for all
– Layout update (Sidemenu,…)
– Support for TLS Server Name Indication
– CalDAV and planned operations can be limited to WLAN
– FTP bugfixes
– CalDAV optimizations
– Export optimizations
– Widget update
– Tag events on import
– Archive events
– Exported files will be verified
– Optional selectable bugfix for invalid allday events
– And many more…

Version 2.4v145

– Zimbra support (RDate and EXDate not working)
– Timezone updates (Moscow should work correctly now)

Version 2.4v144

– Added autostart for planned imports/exports in free version

Version 2.4v143

– Enabled gzip compression in CalDAV and WebDAV
– Support for TRANSPARENCY parameter (ignored by iCloud)
– Fixed bug where auth realm was not recognized on some servers

Version 2.4v142

– Disabling of extended duplicate search in import possible
– CalDAV minimum interval set to 15 minutes
– CalDAV autosync problem fixed
Open an existing account in the CalDAV overview and click on save, autosync should work now without problems.

Version 2.4v141

– App crash on some devices fixed
– Fixed email export
– Added support for Document provider API SD card support for Kitkat and above
– Extra features (Calendar copy/purge)

Version 2.4v137

– Fixed bug in editing of planned exports

Version 2.4v136

– Widget for your homescreen (CalDAV and scheduled imports/exports)
– All pro features available in 14 days testperiod
– Major CalDAV bug fixed, caused other sync adapters to malfunction (sorry for that one)
– Fixed some timezone issues
– Support for CLASS property
– Minor bugfixes

Version 2.4v131

– UTC bug fixed
– CalDAV encoding fix
– CalDAV speedup

Version 2.4v128

– Bug in planned operations fixed (destroyed boot service)
– CalDAV optimizations

Version 2.4v127

– iCloud login bugfix

Version 2.4v126

– CalDAV support for, and Synology
– Exported iCalendar file is now ordered by date
– Reminders can be ignored

Version 2.4v124

– Bugfix in encoded iCalendar content
– More Lollipop email apps supported

Version 2.4v123

– Server address changing in CalDAV fixed
– Lollipop email attachments can be opened

Version 2.4v122

– Support of multiple iCalendar encodings
– Email fix can be switched on in menu

Version 2.4v121

– WebDAV bugfixes

Version 2.4v120

– Bugfixes
– Better ftp error handling
– Option to view only exceptions in scheduled import/export.

Version 2.4v118

– Maximum of 4 retries in CalDAV synchronisation on connection problems.

Version 2.4v115

– Bugfix in email export

Version 2.4v114

– You can delete broken CalDAV events in errorreport
– .vcs extension added
– Multiple calendars are now supported in a single file

Version 2.4v109

– Bugfix in paste button

Version 2.4v108

– Install iCal Link Catcher to open arbitrary weblinks with iCal again
– Optional encryption of stored connection data (enable it on start screen)
– Backup and restore of connection data

Version 2.4v104

– Using CalDAV? Please read the following: CalDAV Information
– Recurring events with exceptions finally stored correctly. Exceptions have to be deleted manually. When having problems please contact me.

Version 2.4v102

– CalDAV speedup and bugfixes
– CalDAV interval setting
– Multiple encoding support
You can even choose your on in the import settings

Version 2.4v100

– Support for Byte Order Mark, thanks to Thorsten aus Bonn!
– More relaxed parser
– Big CalDAV report update

Version 2.3v86

– Another Android L bug fixed

Version 2.3v85

– Skipping events which don\’t need an update
– Ftp using passive mode by default
– Fixed scheduler bug

Version 2.3v81

– Android L compatible
– Local calendars won\’t get deleted anymore
– Minor bugfixes

Version 2.3v80

– Many bugfixes
– Export of deleted events (Pro only)

Version 2.3v79

– Improved error logging for CalDAV

Version 2.3v78

– CalDAV improvements
– Support for RDate period

Version 2.3v75

– Fixed crash on import

Version 2.3v74

– Bugfix in notifications
– Less loadingdialogs

Version 2.3v73

– Improved CalDAV synchronisation
– Improved license checking

Version 2.3v72

– Fixed calendar creation for CalDAV

Version 2.3v71

– Fixed crash on some versions

Version 2.3v70

– iCloud support
– CalDAV optimizations

Version 2.3v69

– Bugfix for Froyo devices and older
– Bugfix in WebDAV
– Black on black listelements fixed
– 1-Click decision remembering

Version 2.3v66

– Added digest authentication
– Interval creation bugfix
– Improved error handling
– Improved direct import

Version 2.2v64

– Bugfixes

Version 2.2v63

– CalDAV bugfixes

Version 2.2v62

– Performance improvements

Version 2.2v61

– Bugfix in interval creation
– Change CalDAV source on connection problems

Version 2.2v60

– New interval creation for scheduled imports and exports (Pro only)
Please check all your schedules!
– Increased trial perios for CalDAV

Version 2.2v59

– Bug on older devices fixed

Version 2.2v58

– Various bugfixes

Version 2.2v56

– Beta support for CalDAV
– Various bugfixes

Version 2.2v55

– Fixed bug in event viewing

Version 2.2v54

– Fixed bug in event viewing
– Attendees import optional

Version 2.2v52

– View events before inserting
– Bug with where events not visible fixed
– Attendee support

Version 2.2v49

– Bugfix in background process
– UID is optional again

Version 2.2v48

– Fixed bug in Android 4.0 up to 4.1.2

Version 2.2v46

– Fixed bug in manual timezone choosing
– Rate dialog only shown one time
– Finally handling exceptions and moved entries in reocurring events

Version 2.2v45

– Error in WebDAV code fixed
– Fixed some issues in favorite handling

Version 2.2v44

– Error in purge calendar before insert fixed
– Choosing folder deleting filename fixed

Version 2.2v43

– Updated Design
– Support for WebDAV, Ftp, internal/external memory, website
Export to Ftp and WebDAV is only enabled for 10 exports.
– Planned export for Ftp, WebDAV and internal/external memory
– Handling of unrecogniced timezones
– Improved overall import/export speed
– Improved event deletion

Version 2.1v42

– Beta WebDAV support Tested with GMX Mediacenter
– Fixed timezone conversion
– Fixed error in exporting of UTC dates

Version 2.1v41

– Bugfixes
– Export process improved
– Sending exported calendar as email attachment

Version 2.1v40

– Bug in allday events solved

Version 2.1v39

– Bug in handling of date without timezone fixed

Version 2.1v37

– Display events after import

Version 2.1v36

– Daylight bugfix
– Introduced large test harness for more quality
– Timezone normalization
Timezones unknown to the system will be converted to a known equvivalent one.

Version 2.1v35

– Daylight bugfix extended…

Version 2.1v34

– Fix in direct calendar import, calendar changes were not respected.

Version 2.1v33

– Landscape and portrait mode supported
– Planned imports can be triggered manually (only pro version)
– Advertisement removed, please continue buying the app! Thanks for all the buyers and supporters!
– Removing “mailto:” from organizer if present

Version 2.1v31

– Advertisement will be shown on successful import and export (only free Version).
Sorry for that. Please buy the pro version!

Version 2.1v30

– 1-click import
– Saving import settings
– Sources with untrusted certificates should work now
A dialog will ask you to trust
– ftp bug still there
special characters in username or password

Version 2.1v28

– Bugfix in ftp authentication
– More relaxed parsing and more compatibility
Tell me if this has negative impact!!!
– One notification per planned import (only pro version)

Version 2.1v27

– Bugfix in reminder code
– Added .ical/.iCal extension

Version 2.1v21

– Schedule your calendar imports! (only pro version)
– Purge calendar before import option

Version 2.0.1v15

– Editing calendars
– Set color of calendar
– Support for one VALarm per event (only pro version)
– Cancelling events through Status CANCELLED
– Opening ical files from gmail
– ExDate and RDate should be supported now
– Export also working when organizer is not set

Version 2.0v1

– Complete rewritten version of the popular iCal Import/Export app
– Supporting Android >= 2.2 Froyo